The DOOLITTLE TOKYO RAIDERS will be celebrating their 68th reunion celebration at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio April 15 – 19th, 2010.

A special event is scheduled for aviation historic first.

A gathering of North American Mitchell B-25 bombers are being collected from all over the United States and Canada to arrive in Dayton to take part in the reunion.   The United States Air Force and has taken steps to receive the aircraft at Wright Field located on the Museums property to be put on display for the public to review to meet the crews and the Doolittle Raiders in person.  A flyover Dayton and the museum are also scheduled.

The North American Mitchell B-25 was the aircraft selected by Lt. Colonel James H. Doolittle to deliver the first bombing raid on Japan on April 18th 1942.   The Mitchell soon became the AAF pilots favorite twin engine bomber and used in every theater of WWII not only as a high level bomber but after a number of modifications was used as a low level attack bomber.  Nearly 10,000 were produced, and today there are approximately two hundred located in museums around the world, and over forty still air-worthy and seen at most major air shows world wide.

Over thirty eight Mitchell owners were contacted in recent months to see if they would participate in a MITCHELL B-25 TRIBUITE TO THE DOOLITTLE TOKYO RAIDERS.  All the owners volunteered to come for he cost of fuel and housing expenses.  It was decided to choose twenty-five of the planes capable of reaching Dayton without an overnight or fuel stop.  These aircraft were contacted to participate if the funds were available to help pay their expenses.  Larry Kelley, owner and operator of Panchito

Volunteered to help this program and did a spread sheet on the costs of bringing the planes to Dayton .  We would have to raise at least $200,000 to make it happen.

Plans to receive the planes and all logistics are in place where the aircraft will rendezvous upon arrival on April 15 in Urbana , Ohio .  The Aircraft and Crew Members will be guests of the Champaign Aviation Museum .  The pilot briefing will be held in the Museum and the Aircraft will be serviced by the Grimes Field FBO before their flight to Wright Field on Saturday morning April 17th.  The planes will return to Grimes Field on April 18th after the ceremonies at Wright Field.  The Museum, Grimes Field Airport and the City of Urbana  are honored to be part of this historical event.

The National Museum with the ambition this could be the very last public reunion of these great American icons, and have pulled out all the stops to have a major turnout, including all the US Air Force officials including the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the USAF present.  With eight surviving Raiders, it is possible that seven will be on hand to enjoy this important and gala tribute to them.

This gathering of the Mitchells will be a media blitz to say the least for any sponsor or sponsors who participate in helping make it happen.  There will be abundant rewards to those who make it happen regarding publicity and any static displays to be posted, along with VIP invites to the formal banquet, luncheons, and even rides in the B-25’s.

For information on additional events at the National Museum of the Air Force check their events page.


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